Season 3, Episode 4: How About Stanford And Oregon State?

Co-hosts Jeff Nusser and Seth Kolloen take a look at the somewhat-unexpected success of Stanford and Oregon State, but not before examining a few more weak losses by the supposed upper tier of the Pac-12 – Washington, Cal and UCLA. Produced by Jeff Collier.


Season 3, Episode 3: Pac-12 Reputation On The Ropes Again

Co-hosts Jeff Nusser and Seth Kolloen get together to examine the conference’s performance in various preseason tournaments and find that the Pac-12 once again is struggling to make a name for itself. When a conference favorite loses on the road to anyone by 40, that’s never a good sign, right? Interesting matchups this week are also previewed. Produced by Jeff Collier. Recorded Nov. 28, 2011.